Laureen's line Pretty 01 PROTECT

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Therapeutic filter: Verre blanc de protection

  • On-sunglasses for good sun protection.
  • The branches are pierced in the same shade as the glass.
  • The Sun Smith Pretty over-sunglasses come in two shades.
  • These over-sunglasses can be mounted over traditional optical glasses.
  • It marries most faces, it offers total protection against wind and light rays
  • The polarized lens is in TAC
  • The filter is gray for the black frame, brown for the shell scale.
To find your bearings:

  • Code 06: Child model.
  • Code 01: small woman model.

  • Code 02: great woman model.
  • Code 03: little man model.
  • Code 04: Great Man Model.
  • Code 07: the giant model.


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