Premium over-glasse - Low vision 02

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Product Reference F02

The principle in low vision:
  • In a completely physical way, the shortwave (blue) lights being more diffused, by eliminating them, the contrast is increased.
  • Patients with low vision are more sensitive to brightness, the more we cut in the blues, the lower the light intensity.
  • Purple blue rays, are likely to be harmful to the eye (especially the retina), all low vision glasses cut them.

These goggles:

  • This Laureen's line Premium mount is in 2 color choices.
  • It can be delivered with the tint and correction of your choice.
  • It Can be mounted over traditional optical glasses.
  • Alone or over-glasse to avoid parasitic light.
  • In a humid chamber without treatment.
To make your choice:

Code 06 Child model
Code 01 Small woman model.

Code 02

Large woman model.

Code 03 Small Man Model.
Code 04 Great Man Model.
Code 07 The giant model.
  • Download the color chart by color: click here
  • Features

    Brand Laureen's line
    Case Yes
    Gross weight 42 g
    Origine Optique France
    Matière CR39
    Product Reference F02
    Public Price (Taxes Included) 106.50 €