Essential over-glasse - Blue light protection 04

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These goggles:

  • This Laureen's line Essential mount is in 2 color choices.
  • It can be delivered with the tint and correction of your choice.
  • It Can be mounted over traditional optical glasses.
  • Alone or over-glasse to avoid parasitic light.
  • In a humid chamber without treatment.
To make your choice:

Code 06 Child model
Code 01 Small woman model.
Code 02 Large woman model.
Code 03 Small Man Model.

Code 04

Great Man Model.

Code 07 The giant model.
  • Download the color chart by color: click here
  • Blue light is more and more talked about because it is emitted by the ubiquitous screens everyday..

    • Are we really more exposed ?
    • Is blue light a real danger to the eyes ?
    • Should we be equipped with anti blue light glasses when we use a lot of screens ?

    Blue light is a part of the spectrum of light, whose wavelengths are between 380 and 500 nanometers..
    • The sun.
    • LED bulbs.
    • Screens (tablets, televisions, computers, smartphones).

    The so-called dangerous blue light is a small part of all the existing blue light:
    • Purple-blue would seem dangerous.

    • Turquoise blue is good for morale.
    The energy reaching the retina in the case of the blue-violet light is stronger than in the case of the turquoise blue light.
    The screens diffuse peaks of blue light called High Visible Energy (or HEV) light

    Given the time spent in front of the screens, we are probably overexposed.

    • In children under 14, the lens of the eye filters less than that of the adult.
    • In the elderly the negative wavelength is below 450.
    • blue light can also have beneficial effects.
      • It regulates our circadian rhythm (sleep / wake alternation) and our mood.
      • The turquoise blue light (around 490 nm) makes it possible to reset our rhythms during a time difference, for example.
      • It regulates the production of melatonin, our "sleep hormone".

    This is how LESA FRANCE glasses cut the peak of blue light emitted by screens and LEDs, not the others ...


    Height 5.3 cm
    Width between hinge axis 147.0 mm
    Overall glass dimension 68-47 mm
    Dimension of useful glass 66-45-11 mm
    Distance bridge / end of branch 154.0 mm
    Gross weight 40.0 g
    Solar class 0---4
    Case Yes
    Brand Laureen's line
    Product Reference F04
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