Goggles 07 Magistrale - night driving

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Night driving is a particular problem.

  • On one side we need more acuity than during the day.
  • On the other hand, we are dazzled by the car headlights.
  • We go from one extreme to the other in a few moments.

    How to protect yourself?

    If you take a simple sunglass you lose all sharpness. The blue rays are the most diffracted and it is these rays that bother us. The lights are LED, which does not help things. So we designed a glass that cuts these blue rays, but which remains in category 0 ie with more than 85% of light ray. This glass differs from the low vision glass that cuts at 450 n, it is a little brighter. As an option you can have this glass with a gradient, which allows lowering the head slightly to hide a little embarrassment. With our ND and UND treatment the contrasts are exacerbated, the road becomes a pleasure.

  • You can also use your night goggles for daytime driving in case of fog, it improves the contrast so much that you will not be able to do without it.
  • But be careful, the fog is your worst enemy on the road "we lift our feet".
  • Full headlights "not bad"
    Good road
To make your choice:

Code 01 Small woman model.
Code 02 Large woman model.
Code 03 Small Man Model.
Code 04 Great Man Model.

Code 07

The giant model.
  • Download the color chart by color: click here
  • Features

    Height 5.9 cm
    Width between hinge axis 154.0 mm
    Overall glass dimension 68-52 mm
    Dimension of useful glass 66-50-17 mm
    Distance bridge / end of branch 168.0 mm
    Gross weight 45.0 g
    Solar class 0
    Case Yes
    Brand Sun Smith
    Product Reference F07
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