Glass "Aplanat"

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Product Reference VAPLAN

This system is an aerial monocular recommended for people requiring high magnification. Aplanat is a 2-plane plano-convex system mounted face to face. The aplanatic fixture guarantees a sharp image of high quality without spherical aberration.
The aerodynamic system is the only system that guarantees high magnifications and a wide field of view.

  • Set mounted on a glass Ø70mm.
  • Disc for the cutting provided.
  • A distance of 20mm between the center of the visual aid and the ride of the mount is necessary.
  • Aesthetic system.
  • Possibility of assembly by our care (quote).
  • Can be tinted (quote).
  • Can be processed (quote).
  • Can be corrected (quote).


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Product Reference VAPLAN
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