BlueBan Ovalis glasses

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Product Reference FM13

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BB0 35%
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BB2 70%

BlueBan # 0 is only available on these models

The blue light treatment only slightly tints the image in yellow, thanks to its double treatment in the mass and on the surface.

Many people do not wear real glasses, the Blueban :

  • Thanks to its very comfortable frame.
  • Thanks to its treatment increasing the contrasts.
  • Thanks to its filters stopping the most troublesome blue.
    • Significantly reduces fatigue and eye pain.
    • Improve the contrast.
    • Improves binocular vision.

Indeed, the blue light would be harmful and would be directly responsible:

  • A disruption of our sleep, disrupting our biological, physiological and behavioral mechanisms.
  • Fatigue, drowsiness, attention deficit or concentration, decreased productivity ...
  • Premature aging of the retina and lens.

This blue light is transmitted by our screens of everyday life such as:

  • Smartphone
  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Television

Blue light filtration rate graph

Blue light filtration rate graph

Unlike traditional glassworkers that only filter 20-25% of blue lights, BlueBan # 1 and # 2 shades filter out 60% and 70% of this harmful light.


Frame material Nylon
Net weight 20.0 g
Case No
Frame size 52-15-138 mm
Product Reference FM13
Public Price (Taxes Included) 30.00 €