Clip 3 Binocular Magnifier in box 2x/2.5x et 3x

108.25 € 108.25

Product Reference L0820.00

Box clip + 3 interchangeable binocular lenses: 2x, 2.5x, 3x.

Ideal for precision work welding, engraving, watchmaking ...................

For the occasional drug box reading, for continuous binocular vision reading, see the Widy model Code L0822
  • Lifting binocular lens.
  • Mounted on clip, attaches to most frames.
  • Optics treated against micro scratches.
  • Delivered in a box.


Commercial magnification 2 x
Diopters 4 D
Commercial magnification 2.5 x
Diopters 6 D
Commercial magnification 3 x
Diopters 8 D
Lens size 75x30 mm
Gross weight 0 g
Product Reference L0820.00
Public Price (Taxes Included) 129.90 €