Fit over Frame of reading WIDY

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Product Reference L0822

Use in reading with good binocular vision.

The product can be combined with other magnifying glasses for an optimized working distance and an increased object eye distance.

Large field reading lens reading glasses.

  • Possible use in over-glasses thanks to its deep nose.

3 versions available:

  • 1.6 x hardened acrylic.
  • 2 x Acrylique traité durci.
  • 2.3 x Polycarbonate traité durci.


It can be used in association with:

  • a classic or bright-field magnifying glass, we obtain a closer approximation with an increased working distance.
  • a prismatic or hyperocular telescope to increase their power.

Large Comfortable Nose

Large Comfortable Nose

Enjoy its large comfortable nose to use them in overglazes!

Delivered in case

Delivered in case

Protect your glasses with its hard case.



Enjoy its practical side with its magnifying loupe


Lens shift 10 mm
Case Yes
Height 44.0 cm
Width 110.0 cm
Lens size 45x110 mm
Product Reference L0822
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