ClipLite II

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Product Reference LI72.20

This very light clamp clip has a battery, making it very portable. It can be used as well on a table as pinch on a support.

The universal rechargeable LED rechargeable lamp that can be pinched or rested on the table.

  • Excellent light quality
  • Ideal for painstaking work
  • Maximum support thickness: 50mm

    • LI72.20 lighting provides adjustable lighting
      • Articulation by flexible.
      • Touch button lighting
      • Its LED lighting is variable in color: 2700K...........6000K.
      • Its LED lighting is variable in intensity
      • Its vise-clamp allows a fixation on thin support up to 5cm
      • Its clamp vise, once completely screwed, turns it into a table lamp
      • Power supply by rechargeable battery.


Power 6.0 W
Width 8.0 cm
Length 30.0 cm
Height 30.0 cm
Net weight 400.0 g
Product Reference LI72.20
Public Price (Taxes Included) 106.20 €

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