Large field portable microscope

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Product Reference M0403

  • Adjustable reticle graduation at 100th mm
  • Thickness calculation at 1/10 th
  • Micrometer eyepiece 10x
  • Objective 10X NA = 0.29
  • LED side lighting
  • High quality optics treated anti-reflective
  • Rubber bladder
  • Height 144 to 175 mm
  • Inverted image like all microscopes.

  • This microscope has a wide skirt.
  • The simple measurement, it is compact and lightweight, it has a very wide field of vision compared to conventional microscopes.
  • It not only provides an enlarged view and a fine outline of objects.
  • It measures the length and compares the dimensions using a scale included in the eyepiece.
  • Its focusing mechanism is helicoidal.
  • This wide-skirted microscope will be useful not only for general observation, but also to improve accuracy in precision machining and ensure consistent quality in the inspection process.
  • By reading the scale engraved on the focusing ring, the depths can be measured to an accuracy of 0.1 mm (0.004 ").
  • There are 100 divisions of this type.
  • Depth is measured by focusing on the top and bottom of the slope.
  • This microscope is convenient for measuring the thickness, height or depth of subjects of different levels and for measuring the depth of printing cylinders and printing plates, copper plates ..........
  • Threaded base: Pitch = 1mm, Diameter = 41mm


Product Reference M0403
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