Illuminated & Rechargeable Magnifying mirror

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Product Reference MI22.31

Last generation mirror 10x with automatic swith on. This mirror is build with a proximity sensor which will detect while your are approching your face in order to start lighting automatically. Once finish it will automatically switch off! One Li-on battery is also built in. You will be able to use it anywhere for approximatively 2 weeks (in usual use case).

  • Very wide qualitative optics: 240mm
  • One side 1x, one side 10x
  • Rechargeable
  • 360° rotation with no stop
  • Natural & powerfull lighting 5000K (~400lux on face)
  • High qualitative chrome for long lifetime.


Lens diameter 220 mm
Lighting type Yes LED
Colour temperature 5000 Kelvin
Gross weight 1800 g
Product Reference MI22.31
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